WILDCARD - Questions and Answers Pt. 1

July 26, 2017

Welcome to the first installment of the wildcard episode format - Questions and Answers! This will be an ongoing series where Jordan and Phil take (mostly) movie related discussion questions and talk it out. Feel free to reach out to us with your own answers and what questions you would like to see in upcoming installments.


1:30: Explanation of wildcard format/topic of this episode

3:00: Is the Planet of the Apes franchise intrinisically racist?

10:35: If Colin Trevorrow was removed from directing Star Wars Episode IX, who would be your dream director who you could feasibly see replacing him?

18:30: What movie or series needs to be remade, rebooted, or sequelized? What piece of media that is not a movie or series needs a movie adaptation?

27:00: Do you feel any kind of moral obligation to avoid a movie if an actor or director has done something awful/illegal in their real lives?

35:50: Who are the up and coming actors and actresses that you want to succeed the most?


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